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Rashi and Pooja swapping husbands - II

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I don’t know exactly after how many days from my birthday, but certainly it was less than a week, I got a call around 9 when I was about to move for my work place, it was local number, operator kept me on hold and after few seconds I heard voice of Kartik, I was surprised, I asked him that where is he, he said that he is in town, and staying in particular hotel.
I asked him how he is here, he said he has come just to see me and meet me. I was happy rather very happy and desperate to meet him. I asked him that why is he staying in hotel, in reply he said that he will explain everything on lunch, and requested me, not to tell anything to Pooja. I reached office, took that day’s leave after finishing important work, and reached there;
where I was suppose to meet Kartik, in the lobby of that Hotel. We shook hand and proceeded to have lunch, and talked to each other pleasantly. He told me that he has made this flying visit, just to see me. He was here just for a day, next morning he had a flight. I was happy to see him, surely I was in love with him and I was realizing that and wished that it would have been great thing,
if we would have been couple. I was assuming so many stupid things while sitting and talking to him, like if somehow I will be able to change my past then I would have married this man. My desire to get Kartik as my life partner was rising may be it was my lust; I was so starved for sex and physical love that fewer times I stared at his body, to capture his physical appearance in my memory,
so that I can fantasize about him later. I don’t know what he had in his mind for me; he was totally expressionless and calm, for me it was impossible to read him. We talked very casually and talked about the kind of life he was spending there. Casually topic of our married life came and he just went silent, and calmly explained his problem that, why he is hesitant to open this matter with anyone,
because Pooja’s father was reputed retired army officer and even his father was in army and somehow both the fathers knew each other as a good army man, so if matter will come in light then it will be very embracing for both the families. Although he was thinking about the solution of this problem and somewhere he was planning to talk to Pooja clearly about this, sitting face to face.
I was expecting that if he will be able to do that, then somehow my problem will also come to an end. We finished lunch, he asked for the coffee, and asked me if I would like to sit in his room, peacefully, as he was bit conscious about getting noticed by anybody known to him. We moved to his room, and ordered coffee in room. He was having a gift for me, a belated birthday gift.
That was the only gift, which I got that year. I accepted and thanked him. We were sitting on separate sofa bit far from each other, chatting and having coffee. He praised me, about my nature and my simplicity, and hesitantly said that “sometimes I wish that we would have been couple” it was something which bowled my head, he was thinking exactly what I was thinking.
Further he said that while talking to me in last few weeks, he never felt that he is living hundred of miles away from me, he always felt that I am very close to him and he never felt this with his wife ever. I remained silent and smiled once, as he looked into my eyes. After hearing such pleasant words, I was getting bit emotional, and few water drops were floating in my eyes.
I excused him to use the toilet. When I came back, he was standing near window and looking down on the road. As I came closer to him, he looked into my eyes, it was very clear that I have washed my face, and tried to control myself, my expressions were very clear from my face. He continued looking out of the window and said sorry, if I have felt bad, about what he has just said.
I was standing beside him, looking out of the window as he was, I smiled bit artificially in reply and admitted that sometimes even I feel the same. We both were silent for next few seconds, then I expressed my stupid thought, that if somehow we can change the past, Pooja would have said yes to Rohan, on a very first day, he smiled on that, and said “then we would have not met”
and while standing beside me again he said, “we can’t do that, but we can think about changing our present” with that without looking at me he touched my fingers with his hand and tried to take them in his hands. I remained unmoved, to show my consent and closed my eyes, and uttered, “Kartik please take me along with you, I am tired of living alone like this”, and tears started flowing down from eyes.
He turned around and took me in his arms, and cried a lot in his arms. He was hugging me, and I could feel the warmth of love in that embrace. At that particular moment I was losing control on myself, I just wanted to be like that, in his arms forever and ever. Holding my face in his hands he kissed me, I badly needed that, that love, that affection,
but I could not respond to his kiss and continued looking into his eyes, something was holding me back, may be my principals. I was committed to somebody, somebody who was not committed to me actually. Lot of things were running in my mind, yes or no, I was asking myself, I wanted him, his love, his body, lust was rising and I couldn’t control it.
But it’s a sin, I spoke to myself, but I love him, I tried to convince myself. I was feeling very weak, and couldn’t move from there. For me there has always been a blur between what truly is love, and what alone is simply lust. I love the fact that he loves me and I love him, and sex is always good when you love. Then why I am holding myself, I convinced myself.
Sometimes when I recall that moment I still don’t believe that how I got ready for that as I was very philosophical with my thoughts and had my own ethics. All broke within few minutes, how. That particular moment was so powerful that it held me there and I decided to take this moment as a gift from god, belated birthday gift.
He sensed, that I am uneasy; he stepped back, thinking that he has overstepped, and said sorry in a choked manner, by saying “I am sorry, please don’t misunderstand me, I just got carried, I mean… I am falling for you, I know it’s wrong, but I just got insane, please don’t take it otherwise”. Next moment I held him and hugged him tight.
We started kissing and I was lost in his arms. Kissing each others like anything, like true lovers do, and I was feeling that I am in heaven after a long lasting hell. He murmured while kissing “I love you, I want to love you,” “ yes do it, show me your love, I need you” I replied in lustful tone and again we started kissing.
Now all the bars were broken and we had no control over our heart, mind and lust. We both were caressing each other’s body and feeling each other physically over clothes. His hands fled to my` breasts, cupping them gently, squeezing the mounds and finding` them huge, fleshy and warm, swelling steadily. My nipples were getting hard.
His hands moved down my back to my buttocks and he squeezed on of them in his hands. “I love you Rashi”, he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and next moment I felt the heat of his lips over mine again. We were kissing again, more passionately and by this time delicacy, elegance and ethics were thrown out of window and we were eating each other like animals.
He fondled my melons and slid my pallu from my shoulder. My breasts jute out to her sight, as both of my boobs were caged tightly in the blouse and my deep cleavage was more than enough to take away Kartik’s senses. He held me tight from my waist and started brushing his lips on my neck and the slope of my breast.
Hurriedly he tried to unhook my blouse and opened few hooks from top. I was in pleasure, I knew that whatever we were doing was wrong, but now things were now in our control. He kissed me on my lips again and I welcomed his tongue in my mouth. We sucked each other like true lovers.
He needed me, my body, my love as I needed him and his body, we both were starved for sex and physical love. I wanted to get fucked; it was very long when I was last fucked by Rohan. I wanted to feel Kartik’s hard cock between my legs, deep inside my fuck hole. Kartik was also desperate to get me, my body, and my fuck hole.
I wanted to get fucked hard and fast, lust was rising and rising higher in our senses. The top three hooks of my blouse were already broken, revealing my deep cleavage and he flicks open two more and pulls my long mangalsutra out of my blouse. I like wearing it, to show that I am married.
These customs and Indian traditions had lot of value for me, also it gives a visual reminder that I am married to another man, I think this exited him even more. Kartik held my breast nicely and my breasts swelled and grew hot and hard in his hands. He ran his tongue through my ear, I puffed loudly. He pinched my stiff nipples through the fine cloth of my blouse.
Bending his head, he dragged his tongue into my cleavage and then, squeezing one breast, sucks it through the blouse. I whimpered softly, arching my back, feeding my breast to his mouth. His tongue was flipping at my erect nipples through the blouse. He moved his hands around my waist and next moment his hands squeezed my buttocks
and he pulled up my sari and petticoat and pushes his hands under it, sliding them up over my naked thighs and then into panty over my buttocks, he started squeezing and parting them. Next moment Kartik pulled down my panty and I was naked underneath. Before I would I have understood anything, he pulled pallu of my sari and tried to take off my sari from my body.
In just few seconds I was just in petticoat and opened blouse. My big milky breasts were peeping out of my bra. He stripped me completely and caressed my body tenderly. I shuddered at his touch; my large breasts were growing further hot and tight as he fondled them, my thick, long nipples were quivering elegantly.
I looked at myself, at my big breast, at my fleshy thighs, at my healthy ass mounds and clean shaven swollen cunt, I blushed and got bit uneasy, I knew my body was not as beautiful as his wife, and that is why I was bit embraced, he sensed that I am thinking something, and asked me that why I appear nervous.
I blushed and spoke the truth, that I look very ugly when I am naked, and Pooja is much more beautiful than me. He smiled and caressed my cheeks, and said that “Pooja can never touch this height of beauty, where you stand”. He said few more words about me which were full of love and romance; I felt some butterflies running in my stomach.
He was so romantic and loving and Pooja was so lucky to get him as a life partner, but unfortunately she never realized real value of this asset. Laying before each other on bed, we kissed and caressed one another. He started fondling my naked body again. I moaned as he squeezed my big ripe melons, my mouth was wide open,
and eyes were fluttering as thick rivers of passion and lust rippled through my body. He opened his trousers and shirt and then under garments, I looked at his naked body. His body matched his features in every respect. His shoulders were immense, broad and deep and bulging with muscle, chest was immensely deep and heavy. He took good care of his body,
and used it well - in combat, in play, in work.. Above all, there was his penis. It was a thing of beauty, it was bigger and thicker and longer than the one which Rohan had. We were laying sideways facing each other and kissing, he drew his finger along my slit and I trembled, as if I was dying for something - anything - to fill it.
My cunt-lips were soaked, as the pleasure juices were flowing and my fuck hole was oozing out warm and sticky cum like a stream of love and lust. “You like oral” he asked me gently with bit of hesitation, “no” I replied while looking into his eyes. I knew he likes it, he really enjoy getting sucked, I remember Pooja told me once, but as I said I never liked it,
although I have done that many times for Rohan but I refused his indirect request, neither he asked me again for that. He crawled over me a bit, and I lay on my back, holding my thick fleshy thighs he tried to spread my legs and I widened them. Holding his rigid, throbbing cock delicately by the cock-head, he guided it to my hole.
I paused, trembling, with his burning cock-head at the doorway of my wet cunt. Tensing, my head arching, he rubbed it on my opening, I moaned loudly in uncontrollable pleasure, finally he squeezed his cock-head into my slit. It was huge and very thick, distending my cunt-lips painfully wide open, finally with a bit forceful push, Kartik’s hard cock made his way,
to my love pot throbbing my cunt lips and with in no time his long hard cock was, pulsating and vibrating inside me. His penis dark and hard and thick and long was disappearing inch by inch into my hot cunt and stretched my fuck hole to the maximum. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I moaned in a low, lust-laden tone.
His buttocks flexed once after he was half inside me and my cunt clamped and sucked hard on his cock and his long and thick cock was completely gulped by my deep wet fuck hole. I was in pain. His cock was so big, so incredibly huge that I thought it would rip me into two from my head to cunt, but I wanted it all, every little bit.
He caressed me gently while fucking, his hands were sliding up and down on my thighs and breasts, making me shudder in pleasure. He reached around and caught my rigid, throbbing nipples, twirled them in his fingers, I cried in pain and pleasure. While pumping my wide opened fuck tunnel, his lips sucked my nipples hard and my face got turned to one side.
He kissed me deeply, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, and my lips parted, and I fenced his tongue with my own. Again his hands ventured over me now at my cunt-lips, fingering my clitoris I moaned thickly, with lust, my hips began to thrash, rising and falling churning my cunt-flesh with his massive crusher.
With each downward thrust, his cock went deeper and deeper in my fuck hole. His buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly in a squeezing motion, my cunt was contracting powerfully on his penis. He grunted and now he was moving rapidly, jerking faster and faster up and down, back and forth, back and forth, up and down, faster and faster and faster.
"OH... OHh... uhh OHhhh... Uhhhh... OHhh... uhh OHma uhhh Ohma uhh OHhhhmauhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh uhhhh ohhhh... Kartik Kartik ohhh uhhh Ohhh... OH... Oh-OH- OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!" He was riding me hard and rapidly, my cunt was rising and falling, sliding up and down on the huge length of his penis. I was chanting his name and was about to explode, I tried to hold myself,
as I saw Kartik was also about to touch his peak. His body was jerking rapidly up and down, he was pumping my fuck hole with hell of speed and it was getting higher and higher, our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure. At last, he shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and his dick sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my cunt,
and I just swallowed his penis in my tunnel smoothly till the very end. He fell on me and I held him and immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and wide open legs and tried to stop his rocking and jerking motion. I orgasmed hard, pinwheels exploded in my head and he gasped as he felt the hard spasm of my burning cunt on his penis, as I came in one tidal wave after the other.
My body got rigid with tension, my buttocks flexed tight; I squeezed my hot fuck hole painfully on his penis as the orgasm thundered through my body. He held me tight quivering in pleasure, sighing in satisfaction as the heat erupted from his cock and he shivered in few short jerks and spewed deep into my love tunnel.
We laid there in each others arms without much words and took a small nap. When I got up, he was sleeping. I used washroom and decided to take a shower. I stood under the shower, rubbed and watered my whole body and cherished the lovely feeling of getting intimate with a person like Kartik.
I remembered Pooja’s words, which she used in past for his husband, that Kartik is very powerful and demanding lover. She was right. Kartik was such a divine lover and he satisfied me so well that I cannot define in words. I wanted more of him. While taking shower and thinking about him I heard some noise from behind, I turned to look back, door was open and it was Kartik,
standing fully naked. He came in shower and held my luscious melons from behind and fondled them and kissed me on my neck. I moaned, he moved his hand lower and moved his finger on my slit and teased me. I puffed in pleasure and took his rod in my hand and jerked it. Slowly he was gaining erection. I turned and looked into his eyes. He was looking at me with lot of love and affection.
We kissed and hugged each other. He asked me something, “can we marry?” I smiled and replied “I don’t know, and I don’t care, I just want to be with you”. We kissed again, and again the fire of lust was lit. He squeezed my big wet melons and took my nipples in his mouth to suck. His mouth was so warm and his touch was so sensual that again I was wet between my thighs.
I was holding his penis in my hands and jerking. My instinct told me to suck his rod, to give him pleasure. I looked at his rod, it was really big and beautiful. Next moment I was on my knees; his semi erect cock was hanging in front of me. I wanted to take it in my mouth, wanted to love him in every way. I wanted to satisfy him completely. He was here for me, just for me.
I opened my mouth and at last, my face distended, cheeks hollowed as I parted my lips wide to engulf him deep in my mouth. He groaned, holding my head, looking down to watch me, he got fascinated by the sight of his enormously swollen penis, now dark and glistening, flecked with his pre-cum gunk emerging and disappearing into my mouth.
I licked his cock-head slowly, sucked tenderly. The warmth of my mouth, the moisture, and my incessant sucking was setting his desire to blow. My head jerked back and forth, the strands of the mangalsutra were tossing on my big naked breasts. He groaned as I began to suck him off harder, my head was rocking back and forth, drawing him deeper and deeper into my mouth,
he grunted while fucking my face slowly, with exquisite pleasure, moving my head with his hands to suit his pleasure, moving it back and forth, back and forth. Suddenly he stopped and groaned and controlled himself from cumming. He took me to the bed, and made me lay on bed, and told me to spread my legs, I obeyed him by parting my thighs apart.
He kneeled down to floor; I was laying on the bed, giving full access of my love hole to him’ Kartik swirled his tongue over my pubic zone and kissed my pelvis. I trembled with excitement. Slowly, he dragged his tongue down to my sodden slit. I arched my head in pleasure as Kartik's thick, rough tongue rippled over my cunt.
I gasped sharply, my mouth was snapping open. My hips lurched and shook, jerking and pumping. He started licking my slit slowly, while pressing it with his tongue "Ohhhhh... UNHHHH Ohh yes! Ohh yes, yes, Ohhh god yes!" I cried. Holding my thighs wide apart, Kartik tongue-fucked me steadily.
He entered his tongue into my fuck hole and tried to take out something from inside. His tongue explored and whizzed in and out of my cunt, flickering and licking rapidly against my swollen clitoris. My cunt streamed with heady, erotic juices. Kartik pressed his face deeper and sucked my love hole to get my juices as much as possible.
It was most erotic feeling which I had till now. I was floating on clouds. I lifted my face to see him, I saw Kartik’s face buried between my fleshy thighs, and he was sucking me with such passion that I just got insane and started screaming and requesting to leave. But he continued and took my clit in his mouth and sucked it with enthusiasm,
and with that he entered two of his fingers in my fuck hole and finger fucked me vigorously. I cried out loudly, trembled and moaned passionately. It was the pleasure which I could not bear. I pushed him away, and tried to control myself while screaming by joining my legs together and squeezing my cunt between my fleshy thighs. Certainly I cummed and felt like heaven.
He made me sit and started kissing and fondling my body, he was ready to fuck me again and his expert hands were arousing me, and now I needed his hard cock deep in my cunt hole. Tenderly he tried to turn me, I understood, he wanted to fuck me from behind, in doggy style. I turned on my hands and knees before him.
He knelt behind me on his knees splayed wide, and, holding my waist, he pulled my cunt toward his cock. I backed myself onto his huge hard penis while looking back. Kartik bent his head and watched in fascination as my cunt inched towards his enormous cock. As I moved back toward his cock, my legs folded under my buttocks. I felt the heat of his cock tip at my soaked cunt-lips.
He quivered in hunger. His huge, flexible body leaned over mine and he slid his hands up to my swollen breasts, crushing and rolling my fleshy mounds in his palms. I gasped as his thick cock was touching my fuck hole opening, my cunt was twitching to get stuffed again. Kartik held me from shoulder and tried to pull me further towards him I eased my buttocks further towards his hard erect rod.
My moan changed into a sharp gasp as his huge cock entered into my narrow tunnel, stretching all my virginal muscles again up to maximum. He grunted at the tight, hot clamp of my cunt on his cock. I impaled myself even deeper, and my face twisted in joy as the huge, hard length of his penis was squeezed into my tight channel.
He sank his shaft completely in my cave and waited. I moaned, as he was touching deepest corner of my love tunnel, which was never explored before. "Mm... you're mine, Rashi, all mine! right?" "Yes," I moaned, "I'm yours...take me along with you. I turned my face to his and he leaned over me to kiss me, his tongue roamed in my mouth.
He pulled bit of his rod slowly from my tunnel, and pushed back deep inside. I moaned in enormous pleasure. He did that again "Yes... shove it in, Kartik... yes... OHHHhhh hanh unhhh hanh OHHh uhhh OHHH hanh anh uhhhh hanh!" He moved slowly at first, rocking back and forth I was on my hands and knees, I slid myself in and out on his throbbing cock in that rhythm.
I tightened my legs to hold his thick hard cock strongly in my fuckhole. Kartik murmured in pleasure as my tight cunt squeezed and contracted on his cock. With every thrust of his cock deep in my fuck hole, I felt a new sensation running through my body. At last, he moved with some speed, and began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm,
driving his huge penis in and out of my cunt with thrilling control. His balls pressed against my buttocks and his thighs slapped at mine. Gradually, he increased the pace, going faster and faster. He dug his hands into my buttocks, held my huge hips and began to rock me back and forth, jerking my cunt up and down on his shaft.
Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!" I cried.
"Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Unhhhh... Yes!" he panted joyously. He was drilling and pumping me from behind with fast, deep, skewering thrusts, He paused for a second, "More!" I gasped. "Shove it in deeper! I cried in pleasure.
He continued Ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!” suddenly he began to ram-fuck me savagely with rapid thrusts. I understood he was closer to his burst. His buttocks and hips swung furiously back and forth as he drove his enormous penis in and out of the soaking and swollen flesh of my cunt. I tightened my legs and clamped his huge dick in my fuck hole.
Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh!" he gasped. "Yes... ohhh god yes yes yes!" I cried. He took his hand under my belly and fingered my clitoris. Oh my god I just went crazy and moaned loudly, I went through a violent orgasm. My body racked by heaving sobs as the dams burst.
My fingers were clawing the sheet and I was trembling with jerks as stream of pleasure was cumming out of my pubic area with sudden jolts. His own orgasm was uncontainable now, he screamed and exploded with a shudder and jerked out his white sticky cum deep inside my tunnel again. We both were sweating heavily, tired and completely exhausted.
We slept after we cleaned ourself. And by the time we got up it was 5 pm. It was the time around which I leave my office and reach home with in a drive of 45 minutes, but today I was not bothered about time. We fondled each other for some time and again entered deep inside me making me sit on his top and fucked me with tenderness.
Once again we were delighted with the physical pleasure which we got from each other. Later we had tea together, with not much of discussion about our problem. He suggested me to read few books and watch few movies. I left very late, after having dinner with him, and reached home, slept well and got to work next day Kartik reached back, life is moving, as it was moving,
we cherish those lovely moments of sexual pleasure in our talks. Rohan and Pooja are still sexually involved, and now they do it more often. Sometimes I feel that Rohan married me, because he wanted to be in Pooja’s touch, and Pooja needed somebody like Rohan in nature in the appearance of Kartik.
God knows who is correct and who is wrong, I know one thing that now I cannot blame my husband that he has cheated me, but yes he has cheated me first. I don’t know if Pooja and Rohan are really in love, like me and Kartik, or everything is just messed up in lust and infatuation, because lust and infatuations leads to passion and passionate sex,
which happened with Rohan and Pooja and Kartik and me, and this passion caused by lust easily confuses the mind that it is love. I am preparing myself to take few hard decisions that I have to leave Rohan, no matter what happens after that but somewhere I am afraid of its consequents. Kartik is also willing to do the same with Pooja,
but somewhere he is also confused. We are very much interested in getting married, but we are waiting for the right time. I don’t know if lust is driving us too, I don’t know if my perspective is wrong, I know one thing that lust is a desire to satisfy the flesh and it is not patient,
it wants what it wants and at the time it wants it, love on the other hand is divine and it is patient, always willing to wait for the right time. We all are waiting, hope time will show us the way out

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